Date Section Name Version Comments
14/8/2005 Stone Pool 1.0 New models
  • A small stone pool with moving water effect
26/7/2005 Iron Bridges 2.0 New models
  • Two new bridges with paved roads on top
23/7/2005 City Hall 3.0 Fixed Light maps
  Train Station - Closed 2.0 Fixed Light maps
  4/6/2005 City Hall 2.0 New textures
  3/6/2005 Coal Wagon 1.0 New model
  • Several colors available by changing the texture files.
    Locomotives 3.0 New model - Closed Steam Locomotive
  • Smaller textures for all Locomotives models to save ram, and better performance
    Dashboard 2.0 Optimized model
  • Smaller texture to save ram, and better performance
  1/6/2005 City Hall 1.0 New model
  • Closed City Hall building
  29/5/2005 Wood Box 2.0 Optimized model
    Smashed Barrels 2.0 Optimized models
    Flower Boxes


Optimized model
  23/5/2005 Clock Tower 1.0 New model
  • High tower with clock on the top
  • There are 16 windows to watch out from
  • The clock will start working when the game will run. The default time was set to 9.15
    Train Station - Closed 1.0 New model
  • Close building sitting on a train platform
  14/5/2005 Locomotives 2.0 New model - Steam Locomotive
  • The model have transparent windows and the internal can be seen.
  • Several colors available by changing the texture files.
  8/5/2005 Locomotives 1.0 New model - Diesel Locomotive
  • The model have transparent windows and the internal can be seen.
  • Several colors available by changing the texture files.
    Dashboard 1.0 New model
  • This model was taken from the internal of the locomotive.
    Tools set 1.0 New models
  • This tools set include an Axe and a Shovel to be used as a static models.
  18/4/2005 Outpost 1.0 New model
  • The Outpost created for the "The Great Persuit" map, but was not got into map at the end
    High Hut 1.0 New model
  • This Hut have long legs, so it can be in deep water.
    Broken Wood Bridge 1.0 New model
  • Broken version of the Wood Bridge
    Saipan Ceremonial Gate 1.0 New model
  • This gate  is available as part of the "Operation Forager" map.
    Remagen Bridge 1.0 New model
  • This bridge available as part of the "Remagen" map.
    Iron Bridges 1.0 New models
  • These bridges are based on parts of the huge Remagen Bridge.
  • All iron bridges can be planked using the planks created by Lakrillo. The planks where published in the "Remagen" map, as part of the Match Map Pack.
  29/11/2004 Hanging Bridge 1.0 New model
  21/11/2004 Trenches 1.0 New models
  • Full set of concrete trenches
    Caves 2.0 New cave
  15/11/2004 Gate Houses 1.0 New models
  • Small gate houses
  • In two colors - White and Red-White
    Metal Gates 1.0 New models
  • Road blocking gates
  • in two options - Open and Close
    Controlled Gates 1.0 New models
  • Set of 3 controlled gates.
  • The gates controlled from inside the small house.
  12/11/2004 African style buildings 1.0 New models
  • Set of several african style buildings - Gates, Markets, Stairs, walls..
  • Two color - White and blue
    Camo Nets 2.0 New desert camo net
  6/11/2004 Cave 1.0 New model
    The Man in The Wall 1.0 New map
  • Funny labyrinth style map
  29/10/2004 Pontoons Bridge 2.0 Single pontoon
    Hell Town 3.0 Map update
  • Some of the PAK40 was removed, and other relocated.
  • The German Wepse was removed
  • One German Panzer replaced with a Tiger one.
  • One American Sherman replaced with a M10 one.
  • The Ladders and Planks bridge replaced with a Pontoons one. Crossing the river at this point is much easier now.
  • Terrain was changed and some Wrecks and other objects added  between river and town to give places to hide.
    Hell Town 2.0 Map update
  • The static Parachute's spawning point replaced with an Autopilot airplane that moves around the map.
  • Ticked Bleeding fixed. You must either hold the Church or at least two other points to stop loosing points.
  • More parts of the map are Out of Map now.
  • More custom objects added to map, to replace the stock ones - Broken walls, Medic Bag ...
  • The MiniMap resized to show the Combat Area only.


  6/10/2004 Military Fences 1.0 New models
  • Set of new military fences - modified Dice's models, and some new ones based on Dice's models
  • Fences with holes
  • New and smaller gates
    Wire Fences 2.0 New Simple wire fence
  5/10/2004 Wire Fences 1.0 New model
  • Fence with 3 strips of Barb wire
  3/10/2004 Medic Bag 1.0 New model
  • Can be used to heal players on the field
    Walls 2.0 New white stone poll
    Smashed Barrels 1.0 New models
  • Smashed Barrels in two colors - green and brown
    Camo Nets 1.0 New models
  1/10/2004 Walls 1.0 New models
  • Set of 6 broken walls - 3 French Stone walls, and 3 French white walls
    Windows Planks 1.0 New models
  • Set of planks to close windows and doors
  • Two wood colors - gray and light brown
    Hell Town 1.0 New map