Welcome to the Smig models site

Here you will find all my objects and maps for BF1942

These models can be used free of charge in any BF1942/BF2 map or mod.

If you use any of my objects on your map please be nice honest and put a note about that.

I recently joined the BattleGroup mod team. All new models will be available only after release as part of the BG mod.

Using the BC editor requires my custom BC Files to place the custom objects on your map.

You will also need WinRFA (Part of the BF MDT 2.75) to unpack your map and adding the objects to it.

These files can be found on the Tools section.


I would like to thank Zara5ustra for asking me to join him to the Match Map Pack team, and to Hammer 2.0 and Lakrillo for guiding and helping me optimizing the models while working in this project.


Have fun,